If you’re reading this, you may in fact be a performer/actor/innocent bystander considering auditioning for WHEN I GOTTA PEE – a new musical by David CC Erickson that reflects on the agony experienced by a newly adopted dog when he discovers his owners are too preoccupied with their dysfunctional relationship to let him go potty. Cuz he’s really got to go. He sings about it. It’s that kind of show. You never know, could be fun.

So … if after processing that information you’re still interested … welcome!

The Gig

The venue is the Calvary Bapist Church at 2608 Blasidell Ave and W 26th St.

This show is an “IP” – independent production – presentation as part of the 2024 Minnesota Fringe Festival. The Fringe has allowed us to operate within the realm of their marketing and organizational matrix. We have agreed to not embarrass them.

Performance dates are August 1-4, 8-11, 2024, Sunday shows are matinees. As of yet here are no set show times, or rehearsals scheduled.

There will be a small (tiny) rehearsal stipend, and the take will be split equally among the performers after expenses.

The Characters:

Dog owner #1 – sporty, goofy, into running (NOT jogging), yoga, and COFFEE

Dog owner #2 – sophisticated (at least compared to Dog owner #1), insightful, all about social media, influencing, endorsing, and COFFEE

Dog – newly adopted, scared but trying to make the best of it. Current priority is finding a tree.

Cat – furry queen of the castle, SHE’S-THE-CAT!!

What’s needed from you:

You need to have good energy, strong lungs, comedic timing, and willingness to clumsily execute vaguely presented dance and blocking instructions to the best of your abilities.

The material

Some of the music is oddly complex, most is dead simple. Singing ability is not paramount, but it is a musical, after all. There are about 12 songs and everyone gets at least 4, solo or together.

We will also be finding time to do a little of that “acting” stuff as well.

The tone

This is not going to be the touring production of Hamilton, this is four performers putting on a show in a wedding reception hall, backed by some guy with a clipboard and a piano. They say hello to the audience at the beginning, and ask them to please leave at the end. Loosey goosey.

The speech

I’m not looking for particular “types” to play these characters. If I decide to cast you, it will be because I feel you’re right for the part. And I may not have a good explanation beyond that.

I want the performances to be heartfelt, I want the delivery to be skillful and lively, but mostly I want the show to be ENTERTAINING. That’s the goal here.

I will respond with either a request to meet, or a thanks for your interest. There’s only four roles and a whole Twin Cities of talent. So thank you in advance.